Another Undead Update

We dont have much to say today. We just want to let people know what we have been working on. Look for a gameplay video coming next week.

  • The changes to the damage system are done

  • The attack input rewrite is done

  • The skeleton mages now throw a spell at you and avoid hand to hand(so they act like mages)

  • Multiplayer has been improved upon

  • Dungeon mode has been improved upon

  • Many bug fixes.
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An Undead Update

Undead Skirmish Coming to Ouya

When we came up with the idea for Undead Skirmish, it started out as a simple 48 hour project with simple goals: put some undead bad guys in an arena and have the player try to kill as many of them as possible. that idea still holds true, but now we’re increasing the scope. it has been a year now of working on games we have had to put on the back burner and we learned a lot about the systems we use and the process we go through when making games. We have come to see that there is a significant amount of untapped potential in undead skirmish. The perfect place to realize that potential hit the scene this summer, the Ouya.

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The Shadow One Update

Run to your revenge in this running adventure. The Shadow One was betrayed and banished by his people and now must run his way from the wastelands back to his life. The Shadow One was our first 48 hour project. You can read about 48 hour projects here. The original idea for The Shadow One came into being one late night in the lab.  Forrest had this idea about a game where the size of your player was based on your speed, and thus was The Shadow One born.

Today we’re releasing our update to The Shadow One which include multi-player, powers, and (most importantly) story line.  The story follows General Quintis Balinbow on his quest to restore his power and honor.  Banished from the Torian Empire and stripped of his rank and colors, Balinbow must collect the magical items to restore his power and find out who set him up.

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