Modular Games

The idea for modular games came to us one day while we were sitting around thinking about the game industry and why it is constructed the way it is. We came to the conclusion that the reason a lot of things are the way they are is because of the demands of the physical age still hold true even though we are moving from the age of physical disks to one of entirely digital content. It may be happening slower then it could be. Those restrictions limit what could be some great innovations in the industry. Anyway, from that discussion we came up with the idea for modular games. An idea that isn’t really possible when games come on discs.

What is it?

Modular games are exactly what the name suggests, that is to say games being sold in terms of their various parts. Consider all those first person shooters, COD, Halo, Battlefield, etc.  How many people actually played the campaign mode for any of those games? How many people bought one of those games simply for the hours of online multiplayer? What if you could have bought one of those games at a discounted price with just the features you wanted? Why be forced to pay for content you won’t ever use?

What it isn’t

I can hear the outcries now, “Cody! this is just in-app microtransactions, DCL wants to nickel and dime us!” I can tell you what we have in mind is nothing like current micro transactions. None of those pesky pop ups encouraging you to make the game easier for a little cash. No ways to get a leg up on your friends by spending a few more dollars.

What we have in mind will only be one time payments. It will unlock entire modes of gameplay. Upon the release of any given game (barring special circumstance) there will only be 4-5 modules. we won’t be breaking the game down into dozens of pieces in an attempt to squeeze players for every little piece of content. We simple want to give players the choice of which parts of the game they put their money towards if they don’t want all of it.

Where that leaves us

The first time we put the modular game theory into action will be with our upcoming release of Undead Skirmish for the Ouya. Undead Skirmish will be separated into 4 modules: dungeon mode, arena mode, campaign mode, and multiplayer for all other modes you purchase. Look for the playable demo coming soon.

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