Our mission at Dream-Crusher Labs is to inspire cooperation between gamers and programmers to create the future of gaming.  We focus on innovative content and gameplay rather than solely upon high definition graphics and explosions.

Dream-Crusher Labs was founded in early 2012 by Jason Monk, Forrest Flagg, and Cody Condon with the goal of creating a Game-Development Studio.  Currently they are located in Orono, ME in Bruce Segee’s Instrumentation Research Lab at the University of Maine.

In 2013 Jason Monk graduated with a Masters degree in Computer Engineering and moved on to work for Google. Congratulations!

Forrest Flagg is a graduate student working on his Masters in Computer Engineering. He is the lead programmer and developer for the DCL.

Cody Condon is a business major. He is the lead content developer and creates all of the story lines, game mechanics, character personalities, etc. for DCL.  Basically, Cody creates our content.  Hailing from parts unknown, Cody’s life before DCL remains a mystery.  He kind of just showed up one day and never left.