An Undead Update

Undead Skirmish Coming to Ouya

When we came up with the idea for Undead Skirmish, it started out as a simple 48 hour project with simple goals: put some undead bad guys in an arena and have the player try to kill as many of them as possible. that idea still holds true, but now we’re increasing the scope. it has been a year now of working on games we have had to put on the back burner and we learned a lot about the systems we use and the process we go through when making games. We have come to see that there is a significant amount of untapped potential in undead skirmish. The perfect place to realize that potential hit the scene this summer, the Ouya.


This isn’t your garden variety port.

We are going to rework combat to take full advantage of the full controller available on the Ouya. A player will now be able to defend against enemy attacks. You will also be able to hotkey combo moves to the four OUYA buttons for faster acting combos and more responsive combat. In the same vein, the warrior is going to have her move set reworked to provide for a better combat experience. Along with that, there will be ranged attacks for a larger variety in combat. To make all of this possible we will be rewriting huge chunks of the combat code to make combat more fluid and more fun to play! oh and did i mention a new type of enemy?


Other Changes

As if the above wasn’t enough, we will be adding more stuff that isn’t directly related to combat. First, to take advantage of the fact that there will be ranged combat, we will be adding a wizard character whose specialty will be ranged magic attacks. Next up we are adding an entirely different mode of gameplay that we are calling dungeon mode. The object of this mode will be to fight your way down through a randomly generated dungeon and see how many floors down you can make it before you die.


Lastly, we will be adding a short campaign mode where you will have to fight your way through four different types of arenas and dungeons to try to stop the evil necromancer and his henchmen, Watzup the imp. All the while the Necromancer will be mocking your feeble attempts to stop him.


What We Have Done

  • Blocking
  • The imp is implemented
  • Dungeon mode
  • The wizard is playable(still trying to finish his move set)
  • Ranged attacks


What We Are Doing

  • Currently working on the Big Combat Rewrite
  • Writing the campaign

What We Plan To Do

  • Rework the warriors move set
  • Hotkey combos
  • Campaign mode
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