Undead Skirmish 48-Hours

The idea for Undead Skirmish was a simple one.  Killing zombies and various other undead creatures is a lot of fun, and with some careful programming, a game like Undead Skirmish would be doable as a 48 Hour project for the android platform. You can read about 48 hour project here.

I had this idea for the game on Sunday morning and threw together the following concept email to send out to the other guys.

“I had an idea for a simple game for Android that would not take more than a couple days to develop and should be a lot of fun.

I’m calling it Undead Skirmish, but I’m not super happy about that name (it just isn’t majorly taken like the other names I like).  Its basically a game that is a lot like the arena in magicka.  You are in some environment and shit comes and attacks you.  There would be a move joystick and an attack/defend joystick as well.  You would perform combos by doing a series of actions of the joystick and they would use up “Combo Points”… blah blah blah.  Basically a game where you fight infinite zombies and skeletons.  UI would look something like this.

I spent $25 on the animated character I am using currently.  The skeleton pack was free and has 4 types of skeletons fully animated.  I think I’m going to also buy a spell-casting character from the same person which is $30. So total estimated cost is around $55.  I would like to add zombies and haven’t decided whether the free ones would be good enough or whether I would need to spend another $30 or so on a zombie pack.

Free/Paid could be something similar to the shadow one, except I plan on making it much easier to make it to a minute.

Note: All combat from enemies would be hand to hand and require no complicated AI, something as simple as if person nearby, follow until close, attack when close.


And I followed it up with a concept image I produced from some staging in unity with some gimp work.


Less than 48 hours later we had a basic version of the game working.


You’ll notice a couple things have changes, but all in all its pretty close to the concept.  It doesn’t have the defend stick because we found it become too complicated to have one set of gestures for attacking and one for defending.  Instead we have one which has some attacks and also some healing abilities as well.  The divides on the attack stick are meant to help the player tell which attack they are trying to do.  All that matters for the attack is the angle between the directions pushed.  This means pushing up the right, is the same attack as pushing right then down, they just do the attack in a different direction.

There are a number of features that have changed before we released the game for android.  Such as cutting down the number of divisions on the attack stick, and adding multiplayer support.  You can read about them here.

Here are a couple other screen shots from the 48 hour version.  Here is the main menu for the game:


Here is a screen we added to help people learn the moves easier.  It shows how to perform a given move from any starting direction on the attack stick:


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