Whats Next

Its been way too long since we posted an update. This was a long and difficult semester for both of us. Both in terms of school work and game development. At the beginning of the semester, way back in September, we released the code name of the game we began developing, Metris. Today we at Dream Crusher Labs would like to present you with our newest project Metris Melee Volume 1(MMV1).



MMV1 is a spin on a classic we are all familiar with. You line up the falling blocks to clear rows. Depending on what board you clear a row on you will either attack, defend, or heal. Clearing rows generates coins that you use to buy items in the backpack to help you beat your foes. The version shown above is the multiplayer version on the PC. The final version which we will be released for Android and iOS devices will look a little bit different.

MMV1 will have a short single player campaign where you will fight six different Supervillains. We have hired an artist to bring these original characters to life. Hopefully we will be able to release some samples over the next couple of weeks. If you have any comments, we would love to hear from you. You can contact us at any of the following,






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