Undead Kickstarter

We have an exciting announcement today, we have launched a kickstarter campaign for Undead Skirmish. We have a confession to make, we are not artists. we have no aptitude or artistic talent. The result of which is, that we are not capable of creating 3D models. So, we decided to run a kickstarter campaign in order to flesh out Undead Skirmish with more enemies and playable characters. Check out our Kickstarter page for more details.


With the launch of the kickstarter we finally have a playable demo. We have a web build of our demo here. Now our hosting capabilities are not great as of now, so if the streaming is painfully slow, you can download a copy from the same page. If you are one of the few people out there that has an Ouya you will be able to play it on your Ouya a couple of days after this article is posted. So try out our demo and if you like what we have done so far, consider backing our campaign.

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